Saturday, 1 December 2012

Zentangle Ganesha in '90s..

..Before Diva hits the challenge mark no. 100, I think, and desire. that we should reach, and surpass 100 mark for Zentangle Ganeshas.

And the little bird tells me that we will have some great fare in the nineties from some of the stalwarts. The fare begins with this post!

Z-G 89 is by Sue Jacobs and what a lovely presentation! Z-G 90 is by Regina Harts, and I appreciate the simplicity in her Ganesha. Z-G 91 heralds the '90s with a bang! I really appreciate her sincerity in conducting research on Ganesha, and rendering some colors along with Sue Jacobs. So, here are the three images taking the tally to 91.

Zentangle Ganesha 89 by Sue Jacobs

Zentangle Ganesha 90 by Regina Harts

Zentangle Ganesha 91 by Margaret Bremner
Now we all await some more, spectacular contributions. And soon!

Thank you all.


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